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You be the mother." In this poem (as often in life), the embodiment of "the mother" in the temporal situation of hurriedness is to "walk ahead"--to claim power and agency in temporal prioritizing and action.
ISLAMABAD -- Former Speaker National Assembly, Dr Fahmida Mirza has demanded that hurriedness should not be showed in holding Local Government (LG) so that masses can prepare themselves.
This may seem rudimentary, but the most basic and important things are often the ones that get lost in the hurriedness of life.
This pace contributes to the "hurriedness" for parents and children's lives.
This coming-of-age story is unique in its telling and because of its lack of hurriedness. Slower books may not appeal to readers who are used to the overabundance of action thrillers in the young adult genre, but this is a beautiful and tragic story that should be given its time in the spotlight.
These inadequacies were further compounded by the "hurriedness with which the Belgians took their departure from a colony which they had hardly at all prepared for independence" (Calvocoressi, 1971: 367), a situation that left many key issues poorly addressed.
Referring to the Syrian crisis, Mansour urged hurriedness in resolving said crisis which negatively affects Lebanon.
Our academic system today fosters competition and hurriedness. We talk at cross purposes, and we are often harsh in our criticisms of each other.
This may have had some influence on the foreign direct investment in retail decision, at least the hurriedness with which it was announced.
There was an anxiety and hurriedness about United's play when they emerged after the break, their desperation to score betraying their usual fluency and flair.
For instance, compared to the constant hurriedness of American culture, Bulgarians aren't really in a rush.
She was well aware that the Middle Eastern girl at the reception desk wanted to chat, and she was avoiding her by exaggerating her hurriedness in the morning and her exhaustion at night.