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For instance, compared to the constant hurriedness of American culture, Bulgarians aren't really in a rush.
She was well aware that the Middle Eastern girl at the reception desk wanted to chat, and she was avoiding her by exaggerating her hurriedness in the morning and her exhaustion at night.
The hurriedness of some regional sides to sound the death knell of the reconciliation or the inter-Arab reconciliations, will not promote a core understanding of the barbaric Israeli war on Gaza and the Palestinian people (not the people of the strip), nor will it help us absorb the lessons of the catastrophe that was completely covered up by George Bush's administration.
The overall climate of genuine warmth, heartfelt joy and inclusiveness I had grown to love in China had been replaced with a sense of obligation and hurriedness.
The way he walked out the penalty area, the way he refused to turn and face the goalkeeper before the referee blew his whistle, the hurriedness in his run-up - all these were flashing warning lights.
can provide freedom from the hurriedness of car culture and freedom for
Computing power has been associated with a sense of speed and hurriedness (Gleick, 2000)--what McKibben (2004, p.
It occurs to me that this predisposition to gulp life whole makes it challenging to live an authentically honest life, because in my hurriedness I get fuzzy about the details.
But in our readings, this expressive scene is attached to the marked hurriedness of Exodus.