hurry away

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I shall come and look for you to-night," he said, squeezing close, "but if you hurry away I think you will be in time.
More I cannot write, for I must hurry away to business.
The battle between the Soylu broke early for a 2-0 cushion, only to see Kucova break back before the Turk registered another two breaks and hurry away with the set 6-1.
And as the man stood over her she pretended to be dead until she heard him hurry away.
People I spoke to when I popped out to the shops would cut short any conversation and hurry away.
Officers," I said, pointing the man out as he tried to hurry away, "that asshole is being really fucking violent with his grandson.
She didn't say I love you back but she gave him a big kiss in return and then had to hurry away," the source added.
I could only give them a donation and had to hurry away.
Another victory - they head to promotion-chasing Alfreton Town today and entertain Hinckley United on Monday - should be enough to hurry away any clouds of uncertainty.