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More facts: Fiction can be more hurtful, monday blues exist and I love ice cream.
The Punjab Home Department had been directed to coordinate with FIA in this regard and to refer reports received from divisional and district authorities about hurtful posts on social media which may also lead to uncertainty.
Now I keep begging her to take me back, but she says my words were "too hurtful to forget".
This video displays mental health in a commercial and hurtful way to people affected.
The primary source of hurtful behavior, especially at the secondary level, is a set of socially skilled, popular students who are hurtful as they try to establish social dominance.
However, a hurtful comment in one of her posts upset the actress-writer, to which she replied:
I WAS saddened to read that Carol Malia, Look North presenter, had received hurtful messages about her weight.
Whether we are parents or not, we are armed with hurtful verbal weapons, and the social norms today give us license to use them more and more liberally.
Finally, after RJ has made a number of hurtful comments to others, his parents have a talk with him about using his social filter to review his feedback words before he says them.