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He has a new partner and my eldest son told me hurtfully that they're all close to her.
If he is to serve more time let it be for being in breach of his licence - not for how he behaved, however outrageously and hurtfully, at the weekend.
I was once hurtfully likened to a Persian axeman and to see a top class professional forever departing from the manual was something of a comfort.
Acting jobs haven't been easy to come by, there have been long spells with no work at all, and her fairytale romance with co-star Danny McCall ended publicly and hurtfully.
And the jibe for the soon-to-be pounds 53,000-a-week star in Spain was echoed hurtfully by polite Kop applause.
Verily, the government has put the nation in a quagmire it would not come out without being bruised hurtfully.
His scarves, flags and images removed from the vendors selling tat outside the ground and, most hurtfully, he is now shunned from the United family.
Still, despite such devotion, turns out they're still the most hurtfully misunderstood couple in showbiz - as illustrated last week when Anthea announced: "I need a large, empty bowl.
Then, more hurtfully, he called round at McCartney's 'pad' took a painting off the wall - one of Lennon's own art school creations - and tore the canvas apart.
And, hurtfully for the Scouser the jibe alluding to his pounds 53,000 a week pay cheque in Spain was met by polite Kop applause.
It is a complex syndicate, in which confessional extremists, sectarian fanatics, gunrunners, smugglers, kidnappers for ransom, plain murders, hired guns and proxies of the aliens have got together to unleash their vileness and thuggery on this beleaguered nation hurtfully and incurably.