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The other chorus girls jokingly call Anna a "Hottentot," while her stepmother, more hurtfully, accuses her of displaying "unfortunate propensities" traceable to her putative "coloured" blood (65).
The perfect surface simplicity of the flat medium-two-shot at the racetrack is an example: Alicia and Devlin pretend to be watching and chatting about the race, all the while Devlin hurtingly and hurtfully perpetuating his emotional abandonment of Alicia as they lay out a soul-devastating plan for her, as conscripted CIA spy.
Her mother, Nora, seems to have frankly disliked her, making her preference for Lucia's elder brother, Giorgio, hurtfully plain.
Far more tantalizing is the gift for prismatic mood swings shown by Bullmore and director Anna Mackmin, in a story whose multiple confessions and infidelities always seem hurtfully (and occasionally comically) grounded in truth.
cheating, money-grabbing scum", and most hurtfully "a common little tart who'd drop her knickers for any man who'd whip out his wallet.
I also know, now, that even when not intended in any way maliciously or hurtfully, that word still carried an apocalyptically powerful privilege dating back a century to the slave-holding past--signifying that even poor whites in east Tennessee a century later had a place in the social/safety hierarchy over that of our African-American neighbors.
It shows him moving towards his major works of cultural criticism (the tragedy book, the 'Kunstwerk' essay, the Paris project), works in which one senses precisely and hurtfully a collision between the immortal longings of some kind of mythical world-view on the one hand, and the relentless resistances and disenchantments of modernity on the other.
From a Nazi point of view, defeat in the First World War was the result of Jewish treachery at home and led to still further racial defilement, most hurtfully symbolized by the presence of black French colonial troops in the occupied Rhineland.
I feel this is care in its true meaning, and not just "sitting there" as so hurtfully quoted.
I've abstained from editorial-board deliberations on several topics--including, most hurtfully, the decision on whether to endorse my own son's race for the state Senate.
In the headnote to the poem added at the time of its publication in 1817, Coleridge delights in his own metrical skills; he is as close to bragging as he comes, especially unusual in a poem that Wordsworth had hurtfully rejected for the 1800 edition of Lyrical Ballads:
Being exposed, getting denounced, suffering indignities, and then to become the butt of a joke - they all remind us of kindergarten emotions, the cruel taunts of children acting hurtfully.