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We also hypothesized that appraisals of relational spirituality would predict intergroup forgiveness, even after controlling for closeness, hurtfulness, personality, and religious commitment.
It may be that despite understanding the hurtfulness of the "I'm not there yet" response, people value the response because it is clear and because it contains the truth instead of being dishonest or condescending.
Now, I have hurt for my children, have seen them in the pain that can come only from taunts and hurtfulness of elementary and middle school kids, but I have no feeling upon which to draw that comes anywhere close to what Ms.
What those letters offer is a dark and dismal world where no one can take responsibility for their hurtfulness, their self-centeredness, their arrogant entitlement, their stupidity, and learn the necessary lessons - to grow up and move on to a good, honest, decent life.
The unique position of mental health counselors allows them to communicate that the process of forgiveness may be an effective way to recover from interpersonal hurtfulness.
But still I affirm, that it is not the view of this utility or hurtfulness which is either the first or principal source of our approbation and disapprobation.
It is a unique moment in history in which we can no longer dance around these stereotypes, oblivious to their meaning and hurtfulness, for they have now been directed at public figures none of us can ignore and with an inappropriateness all of us must admit.
The standardized item alpha for men's hurtfulness rating was .
The degree of malicious intent and hurtfulness increases when members of other sympotic groups are attacked (as in Alcaeus, Frr.
First, he distinguishes the hurtfulness of rape from its wrongfulness; secondly, he classifies its harms and characterize its essential wrongfulness; thirdly, he criticizes a view of rape as merely 'sex minus consent'; fourthly, he criticizes mistaken attempts to discount the wrongfulness of rape for those who do not value sex; fifthly, he contrasts two models for weighing interests, according to one of which rape is not seriously wrongful; finally, he sketches a defence of the view that our sexual integrity ought to be a central interest of ours.
Although Ralphie's excessive violence against Tracee fills the screen and dominates the viewer's memory, the episode presents Ralphie as one point on a spectrum of patriarchal hurtfulness toward women.
We certainly apologize for any hurtfulness that arose as a result.