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Banjo HURTING? I don''t think they know what the word means.
Leeroy SUPER rich, privileged footballers hurting? Do me a favour.
Recent thoughts of killing or hurting oneself occurred in 6.3 percent of those who had neither pulmonary disease nor major depression, 9.5 percent of those with major depression but not pulmonary disease, 11 percent of those with pulmonary disease but not major depression, and 12 percent of those with both pulmonary disease and depression.
Written by parenting columnist Elizabeth Verdick with an age-appropriate vocabulary, and illustrated by Marieka Heinlen, Words Are Not For Hurting was designed especially for children ages 4 to 7, a time of growing vocabularies and increasing social interaction with peers and others.
You may want to put it all in the past but, deep down, you hurt and you may go on hurting for some time.
Strangely, hurting other people damages the spirit just as much as being hurt by them.
I hated myself for hurting her, but I couldn't stop myself.
Not only was I completely out of control, but I was so angry at myself for hurting my parents when all I wanted to do was hurt myself.
Without hurting her feelings, how can I let her know I don't want to hear her brag?
If she's physically hurting herself--cutting, abusing drugs or showing signs of an eating disorder--your actions should be different than if she's just doing something you don't approve of.