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When he came to walk home, however, he realized that it was hurting him a great deal; and in the morning his ankle was swollen out nearly double its size, and he could not get his foot into his shoe.
In future I am not to go on living peacefully in my little corner, poor though that corner be I am not to go on living, as the proverb has it, without muddying the water, or hurting any one, or forgetting the fear of the Lord God and of oneself?
Foolishly fearful, you would say, if you were not afraid of hurting my feelings, I know," said Julia.
But Sylvie hastily checked him, for fear of hurting the Mastiff's feelings.
Are you wounded, and is the point of the weapon hurting you?
Here have I known the pigeon to fly for forty long years, and, till you made your clearings, there was nobody to skeart or to hurt them, I loved to see them come into the woods, for they were company to a body, hurting nothing
He had said, that morning, that his legs were hurting him, yet his riding-seat was easy enough.
Newman wondered whether he was hurting her; he could not imagine why the liberal devotion he meant to express should be disagreeable.
Mowgli smiled a little at the idea of anything in the Jungle hurting him.
I have seen the two Macs attempt something of the kind at the halls, but it appears to take some practise to do it without hurting oneself.
And we agreed he was incapable of hurting his master," retorted Grayne.
The bees came and found no one but the Woodman to sting, so they flew at him and broke off all their stings against the tin, without hurting the Woodman at all.