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A writer might be able to show you 200 used tea bags and a slightly hurty thumb.
Stefan Bradl was in the motorhome whining about a hurty finger and I just thought, 'we race motorbikes for a living', so I went out racing on my motorbike.
Getting up in the middle of the night to go to the loo and treading on an upturned plug in my bare feet = Oww, hurty hurty hurty.
For now she takes appointments and manages files in the office of the dental student's uncle, where the student spent his time in training, making corny jokes between patients, putting a hand to his cheek and exclaiming "Tooth hurty!" when she checked in a two-thirty, and staring at her longingly.
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In Hurty's study, women consistently defined power as the ability to get the job done.
Around 80 people of all ages attended the event - which ironically finished at 'tooth hurty!'
Survivors include two sons, Phil of Alpine and Brad of Bellfountain; two sisters, Norma Larkin of Arcada, Calif., and Janice Hurty of Carlton; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren.
But the result is nasty corns, painful bunions and plain old hurty feet.
Hurty General Director Church Women United 475 Riverside Drive-Room 500, NY, NY 10115 - USA Phone: 212-870-2347 FAX: 212-870-2338