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(58) Similarly, one of the would-be widows in Hawthorne's "The wives of the dead" ([1832] 1982g: 63) is portrayed straining her ears at night to catch a hopeful repetition of a familiar husbandly knock on the front door.
The disagreements between Paul and Kathryn George, for which she sought judicial resolution, included, for example, whether to shop on an installment plan or pay bills promptly, whether to shop at Kroger's or another store, and whether he or she "should control the expenditure of funds." (42) Describing this as a case involving, not husbandly neglect (given that Mrs.
Throughout the play, he serves as a foil for Winnie's musings and a parody of husbandly detachment.
William had done his husbandly business, then had dropped into a deep, twitchy sleep.
When Miranda gets pregnant by her ex-boyfriend Steve, her decision to have the child is hedged about with defenses against his attempts to play a husbandly role.
in agriculture, animal husbandly, in recycling plants, in construction, at petrol stations, sewage workers and collectors of garbage, etc.).
This article discusses the inadequacy of understanding and interpreting Marica as a type of "mannish woman " or "husbandly wife " in "To Matins with Father for the First Time." Specific differences between strong female characters in the works of both male and female Serbian authors of that era will be examined.
incursions to a sign of James' husbandly duty to shield his English
Of course, in a man's head underwear is always a good way to show husbandly appreciation.
301) is in error: husbandly nushuz is the subject of Q 4:128.
Big Red N marks only the last of these passages, but throughout the Book flags speeches by Christ noting the special grace her suffering has earned, such as the famous passage that begins with Christ's summary of her torment from weeping and moves to a promise that Christ will join her in bed for "husbandly" love.
Therefore, according to existing laws, William Lacie was merely exercising sound husbandly authority when he struck his wife six times with a stick!