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I didn't see the gunfighter analogy at all,' he says as huskily as only a man reared on Gauloise and Cognac can be.
Then he said huskily, `Will you marry me, Victoria?
Schoolboys looking in must have been rigid with attention at the sizzling spectactle of sex bomb Samantha Janus as a schoolma'am huskily spouting Shakespearean sonnets in The Grimleys (ITV, last night).
I don't know," he said huskily, "there's always a risk, don't you know
Wheeling a large barrel of beer and clutching a cheque from Camelot, she huskily enquired if I'd swap the result.
When she insists huskily, ''if I wanted Hugh, we'd be together'' and tells the world he has a bedroom in her house, it can mean only one thing.
Yes,' he replied huskily, his eyes piercing through to her soul.
The glowing red strips of chicken were huskily hot, playing my taste buds like a zinging xylophone.
Instead, sour-faced and huskily spoken, Harris cuts so sexless a figure that he is an active turnoff in a play that has always been a bit of a turn-on, shocking us at the misdeeds of the French haut monde while prompting not a little salivation as this calculating roue brings society (and himself) to ruin.
JEWELLERY is always high on a woman's Christmas list, after all, didn't Marilyn Monroe purr huskily that "diamonds are a girl's best friend"?
The performance lurches drearily from one number to another, some belted out, (that's the spirit bit), some murmured huskily (that's the glamour).