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The huskiness in his voice when he mentions his wife gave the impression he was being affected by emotion.
Frances Shand Kydd's voice is strong and direct, with a warm huskiness to it.
Still, Deborah is a dream opportunity for an actress, and Penelope Wilton does well enough by a part that no doubt benefited from Dench's febrile huskiness.
Marcovicci, a superb cabaret storyteller, has a sensuous, womanly huskiness perfectly attuned to Smith's sly, easygoing machismo (imagine a hayseed Frank Sinatra).
If you have a nodule on one of the cords or if they are inflamed due to infection or smoking then they don't close properly and this leads to huskiness.
Fortunately the heavy cold that prevented Peppercorn from performing on Radio 2's Johnnie Walker programme was under control, leaving her voice with an alluring huskiness.
The voice may have a hint of huskiness now in its lower register, and require some upholstering at the top, but Allen's mellow richness is undimmed by advancing years and, if anything, tinged with an autumnal glow.
There is no damage to my vocal chords, but I sing in a choir - so the huskiness is a problem.
Male voices, particularly those of Mel Torme and Tim Hauser of Manhattan Transfer, had a slight huskiness on their lower registers I don't think is natural, but nothing that made me turn up my nose.
If there is a consistent huskiness and a squeak in the voice then it is possible she has nodules on her vocal cords.
Soloist was Emma Kirkby, a charming huskiness of attack and release giving decided personality to her justifiably renowned purity of tone.
And singing at a lower volume, her voice takes on an attractive and expressive breathiness and huskiness.