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The company has two main areas of focus: integrated corridor includes natural gas, non-thermal oil, NGLs and thermal production from Western Canada, the Lloydminster upgrading and asphalt refining complex, the Husky Midstream Ltd.
While officially introducing its barrier concept at NPE, Husky will not be running a demonstration at the show, though it may have some preform samples on hand.
The Minx III of 1963 brought the more modern LOOK of a restyled Minx into the HusKy arena.
The following day, however, my PIC in the 2008 Husky did fly that new aircraft with new gear, 200-HP fuel-injected engine and glass panel.
Brooks was confident his team would put up a fight on the field in 1980, which turned out to be Oregon's most unexpected victory at Husky Stadium.
Husky units are already used by almost all of the world's leading FMCG brands, so we will capitalise on this market knowledge and expertise.
HEARTBREAK Anthony Braidford has put up a pounds 1,000 reward for information about his husky Kaiser who went missing in January.
Two weeks later, back in Los Angeles, I locked eyes with a gray-and-white husky at my neighborhood dog park.
A facelifted Series II Husky appeared in 1957 alongside a new Minx range, quickly followed in 1958 by yet another restyled version, the Series III.
Working with Lear, Husky Injection Molding Systems (Bolton, Canada; www.
Husky Energy Inc based on Calgary, Canada, has acquired 68.