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HUSTINGS, Engl. law. The name of a court held before the lord mayor and aldermen of London; it is the principal and supreme court of the city., See 2 Inst. 327; St. Armand, Hist. Essay on the Legisl. Power of England, 75.

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HUSTING DATES Jan 3: Hotel Plas Hyfryd, Narberth, 11am.
But party members attending the first leadership hustings in Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall were told they could not ask questions about the hot topic last night.
He said: "The hustings was organised by Labour supporters and I don't attend hustings events organised by opposition party supporters.
Huddersfield Conservative candidate Scott Benton was missing from the Huddersfield hustings while Theresa May was noticeably absent from the BBC programme.
Dr Ann Myatt told a hustings audience: "We have not yet shot anybody so that's wonderful.
THE Labour Leadership hustings at the Millennium Stadium last Sunday morning was a very crowded affair, with 350 members packed in and five on the platform.
JEREMY Corbyn and Owen Smith once again clashed over party unity in the second Labour leadership campaign hustings.
THE first Labour leadership hustings between Owen Smith and Jeremy Corbyn will be held in Wales.
BIRMINGHAM'S would-be leaders say they are looking forward to locking horns at the Mail's hustings event tomorrow.
NO clear winner emerged from the final official hustings as Labour leadership hopefuls went head to head in Warrington.
LABOUR MPs vying to be the party's next leader set out their stall at a hustings in Newcastle.
A hustings event, involving the candidates bidding to succeed Ed Miliband, will be filmed by the BBC in the town, at a location still to be confirmed, on June 17.