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Shafik Haji, owner of Eye Opticians on Islington Row, Edgbaston, was approached by Hustle's costume designer for the previous series to create a pair of glasses especially for actor Robert Vaughn and the producers were so impressed that they asked him to supply all the glasses and sunglasses for the latest series of the BBC drama.
The collection is a welter of image, sound and subject pure hustle indeed.
The Real Hustle shows a team of presenters posing as con artists hoodwinking "innocent" victims with common confidence tricks and hoaxes.
The first, the hustle club, is one where dancers earn tips on stage and in "private" lap-dance and champagne rooms; as well, they pay out stage fees to managers and tips to bouncers, deejays, doormen, and room attendants.
Midnight Hustle are Dai Evison, from Overton on Dee, and Ady Burns, from Caia Park, Wrexham and the Racecourse date is their latest gig since signing with manager Gareth Kelly, a partner in the North Wales law firm of Cyril Jones and Co, who has been guiding the pair through the complexities of their major contract with C and W giants Paramount.
It was during this time that I came across the book How to Hustle and Win: A Survival Guide for the Ghetto by Supreme Understanding Allah (yes, that's his real name).
Over on cable, the fX network brought out Thief, with Andre Braugher as the chief of a robbery crew planning their own big heist, and AMC began running Hustle, tracking the escapades of a band of London con artists.
As Hollywood Hustle begins, Vince is heading out to college in LA to be a film student, happy to be leaving his troublesome family behind.
Look no further than the following pages of this Meetings and Banquets special section for a variety of accommodations to make the most of your company's activity away from the hustle and hustle of your workplace.
The initial popularity of salsa lasted flora the 1960s through the height of the disco craze, when salsa got recast and pushed to the background by the Latin Hustle, New York Hustle, L.A.
A man of modest physical tools, he parlayed equal parts of talent, hard work, and the hustle that earned him his nickname into what should have been a Hall of Fame career.
Camp facilities once isolated from the hustle and hustle of daily life now must deal with all its implications.