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Diagnosis: From the results of the biopsy and imaging findings, a diagnosis of Castleman's Disease, hyaline vascular type, was made.
52 [micro]m), rhomboid to ellipsoid, usually with suprahilar inflation ("boletoid"), hyaline, thin-walled; contents minutely heterogeneous to 1-3-guttulate; hilar appendix stout, blunt, not prominent.
Hyaline membrane disease can be diagnosed by clinical presentation, radiographic findings and the progression of the disease.
The hyaline vascular variant typically shows hyaline vascular lymph follicles with expanded mantle zones that contain small lymphocytes forming concentric rings and an interfollicular capillary proliferation with perivascular hyalinization as in our case.
This latest iteration incorporates phase contrast microscopy in addition to bright field, to improve differentiation of elements such as hyaline casts, red cell membranes, crystals, and yeast.
These cells were focally oriented around small irregular fragments of hyaline material (Figure 1g).
The hyaline membranes of the acute phase are incorporated into the alveolar septa through phagocytosis by macrophages or granulation tissue formation by proliferating myofibroblasts.
7 um, elliptical, obtuse, with prominent apiculus, hyaline to pale yellow, spore wall loses its colour in Melzer's regeant.
Meadlin claimed that Hyaline managed between $17 million and $25 million when it managed no more than $5.
Small numbers of round hyaline cartilage cells (nuclei stained blue) were distributed among collagen fiber bundles in the cartilage lacuna as single cells or isogenous groups.
The Emirati said his child was born with hyaline membrane disease, which leads to breathing difficulties.