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DIAGNOSIS: Recognized by the pale green dorsum, distinctly annulated antennal segment II (annulations sometimes obscure in 9), hyaline hemelytron, three distinct black spots (one on the apex of the clams and two on the inner margin of the cuneus) (Fig.
of samples positive 62 49 37 for each finding at arrival (total n = 96) Samples still readable after 3 days, % Transitional Renal tubular Hyaline Preservation procedure ECs cells casts 1: Refrigerated, no 76 64 63 preservatives 2: Urine C&S tube (BD) 84 55 63 3: 10 mL/L formalin 72 73 63 with 0.
Marginal increment analysis demonstrated that one annulus, consisting of one opaque zone and one hyaline zone, is formed annually.
2 + 3] apex; crossvein r-m on hyaline background; wing in apical part with pale brown band from anterior margin to M vein; vein dm-cu either on hyaline background or pale brownish, in that case with crossband broken along vein M.
Excisional biopsy identified the mass as a hypervascular lymphoid hyperplasia consistent with the hyaline vascular type of Castleman disease.
Nevertheless, absence of capsular drops, hyaline caps, and capillary microaneurysms aid in differentiating LCDD/HCDD from diabetic nephropathy.
Tegmen pale brown with dark brownish tint spread throughout the veinlets, veins pale brown; hind wing blackish brown and hyaline (Fig.
The significance of grunting in hyaline membrane disease.
The fibrocartilage fills the void but lacks the organized structure and biomechanical properties of hyaline cartilage.
Soft tissue chondromas are benign nodules of hyaline cartilage that are not attached to bone and tend to occur in the hands and feet.
Speak to your orthopedic surgeon and find out the quality of the articular hyaline cartilage on your femoral, tibial, and patellar sides.
An ovate, Spherical or irregularly lobed, saccate and clathrate colony of numerous spherical cells, densely aggregated within a hyaline gelatinous matrix.