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and impact properties of sisal/glass fiber reinforced hybrid composite.
A light-emitting diode curing unit was used to photo-activate a hybrid composite (Filtek(tm) Z250), two nanofilled composites (Tetric(r) EvoCeram, Filtek(tm) Supreme XT), a nano-ionomer (Ketac(tm) N100) and a compomer (Dyract(r) eXtra).
Table 1 shows the formulation for hybrid composites used throughout in this study.
The effect of water absorption on glass-sisal fibbers reinforced hybrid composites were investigated in accordance with BS EN ISO 62: 1999.
It is also identified that there is a scatter on the measured values of the impact strength of the hybrid composites as shown in Fig.
The composites were prepared by using scrap tyre particles reinforced Polyester hybrid composites by hand-lay-up technique.
Changes in the fracture toughness of two types of hybrid composites with the increase of CTBN content can also be found.
The effect of Fly ash and E-Glass fibre on the wear characteristics of Aluminium hybrid composites for different speeds and loads as shown in figures.
The properties of the resulting hybrid composites were compared with those of corresponding hybrid composites based on i-PP.