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One is that the long hybridization probes used for MLPA need to be prepared via phage M13 cloning rather than through chemical synthesis of short DNA oligonucleotides.
This study addresses the potential for a broad and well-characterized set of control strains relative to virulence factor amplification and confirmed by Southern hybridization.
The popularity of DNA research in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries has fueled growth in the slide hybridization market.
This finding confirms that the generation of single-stranded DNA targets results in increased fluorescence signals both with passive and active microfluidic microarray hybridizations.
This clustering confirms the earlier finding that species identification of cultured Helicobacter strains is efficiently performed with highly standardized whole-cell protein analysis, and the results are in excellent agreement with those of DNA-DNA hybridization (10,13,16).
Importance of replication in microarray gene expression studies: statistical methods and evidence from repetitive cDNA hybridizations.
Differences observed between red and green channel fluorescence intensities for a given transcript may be due to either a true biological difference resulting from the exposure of test agent to the cells or to a systematic bias resulting from individual transcript-dependent differences in efficiencies of dye incorporation and sample hybridizations.
To simplify hybridization experiments using this device, buffer compositions and capture probe sequences are optimized to be compatible with room temperature hybridizations to avoid the need for a heating device.
However, the inherent dynamics of hybridization coupled with the incomplete nature of genomic sequence information create the potential for imprecision and/or error in a transcript profiling experiment even before the assay is run.