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This too can be addressed by FISH, if the probes are designed to hybridize to mRNA.
Some biologists proposed that corals in the real world hybridize wildly and form complexes of sexually reproducing, gene-trading species.
or a minimally compilex mixture of octamers sufficient to hybridize to the 3' end of every ORF (31).
Says Jett, "[The device] could require a purified culture, but we're also working on second-color detection, where we can hybridize a probe to measure not only the length of a given fragment, but to know that particular fragments contain particular sequences, and really refine detection.
Since A binds only to T and G only to C, the nucleotide sequence ATTCG will only hybridize to TAAGC, its complementary sequence.
The unique character of peptide nucleic acid (PNA) allows these probes to hybridize to target nucleic acid molecules more rapidly and with higher affinity and specificity compared with DNA probes.
Two studies published earlier this year suggest Africanized queens don't hybridize with their European cousins.
The films hybridize science fiction, adventure, documentary, and fantasy in complex, nonlinear narratives.