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Experimental crossbreeding in the past 15 years showed that many of these mass-spawning species could hybridize in laboratories.
The key unifying principle of all microarray experiments is that labeled nucleic acid molecules in solution hybridize, with high sensitivity and specificity, to complementary sequences immobilized on a solid substrate, thus facilitating parallel quantitative measurement of many different sequences in a complex mixture (20,21).
But when wasps of the two species meet in the lab, they don't hybridize well.
Because Ts tend to bond with As, and Cs with Gs, a single strand of DNA will join, or hybridize, with a strand that has its complementary series of bases.
Since A binds only to T and G only to C, the nucleotide sequence ATTCG will only hybridize to TAAGC, its complementary sequence.
Two studies published earlier this year suggest Africanized queens don't hybridize with their European cousins.
The films hybridize science fiction, adventure, documentary, and fantasy in complex, nonlinear narratives.