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The organic component of the composites included conventional acrylic resin emulsions prepared by the emulsion polymerization of methylmethacrylate (MMA), 2-ethylhexylacrylate (2EHA), methacrylic acid (MA), and an organic silane hybridized acrylic resin emulsion prepared by the core/shell emulsion polymerization of MMA, 2EHA, MA, and 3-methacryloxypropyl trimethoxysilane (3MOPTMOS).
In the article, biologist Judith Rhymer is quoted as saying: "The USFWS could either have hybridized the Florida panther or let it go extinct.
Creating E&P and tax pools for credit purposes: If hybridized, the earnings of the European operating companies previously discussed would be pooled in the same earnings and profits (E&P) pool; foreign taxes incurred by the operating companies on their earnings would be brought together into a single foreign tax pool.
Zimmerman of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, who hybridized A.
The contributors examine hybridized VET, when dual qualifications work, and what to expect from them.
14 ppm (a) Pre-emulsion method Table 6 -- Characteristics of Interior Finish Coatings with Chitosan- Hybridized Acrylic Resins Test Quality Standard Result In-can appearance Becomes homogeneous when Homogeneous stirred Application properties Forms a uniform dry film No impediment Low-temperature stability No deterioration No deterioration at wet paint Drying time Within 2 hr at 40 min 20[degrees]C Within 4 hr at 75 min 5[degrees]C Dry film appearance No appearance defects No deterioration Water resistance No failure when immersed Degree of in water for 96 hr blistering 0 (More than 168 hr) Alkali resistance No failure when immersed Degree of in calcium hydrate for blistering 0 (More 48 hr than 120 hr)
The relative abundance of rRNA that hybridized with the Archaea- and Syntrophus-specific probes in a given mesocosm is reported relative to the amount of archaeal and Syntrophus-like rRNA, respectively, in the reactor at time zero.
Some virtually obliterated Gerber's painting; most let various amounts of Gerber Gray peek through their signature emendations, making a hybridized work that acknowledged its origin in a sedimentary manner.
Also said to be in the metal sculpting process for Cadillac Jack is a hybridized, stretched, nosed, rounded, channeled mid-century Caddy that is being created by the notorious ink slinger Baby Ray.
He's added 31 plants, including grapes, avocados, lettuce, coffee, chocolate, and watermelons, to his list of crops that in some part of the world have hybridized with a wild mate.