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In this study, we have demonstrated that waterborne preventive stain coating materials could be designed using organic silane hybridized acrylic resin emulsions as organic components and colloidal silicas as inorganic components.
On the basis of these results, the Syntrophus-specific DNA probe (S-G-Syn-0424-a-A-18) was hybridized with rRNA obtained from the 3-CB-amended digester mesocosm and the associated no-substrate control over time.
PER] probes apparently hybridized to the chromosomal DNA band; no plasmid bands recognized by either probe were detected.
Beach tennis -- which calls itself hybridized tennis, badminton and beach volleyball -- has started to catch on in some parts of the country and last month staged an event in Santa Monica.
These samples were hybridized to microarrays representing 22,000 genes.
Warhol processed perceptions in a peculiar way: He listed, atomized, cut, reformatted, and hybridized the angry corpuscles of fact that streamed into his system.
Fittingly, a former aviator, Astor Perry, who served as a B-24 navigator in the 8th Air Force during World War II, hybridized this particular variety of rose.
Despite her associative blackness (Egyptian ethnicity), the richly ambiguous and hybridized Hagar is almost always a white but swarthy outcast who becomes metaphorically black when imagined outside of the moral and reproductive economy of patriarchy, but who undergoes a cleansing ritual that expels her blackness and reasserts her white supremacist purity.
The chromosomes in the illustration depict DNA from an embryonic cell that has bonded, or hybridized, with DNA from a normal mate.
Because they aren't hybridized, they reproduce through a natural, or open, pollination process.
Total RNA was isolated from the pooled uteri for each treatment group, and labeled complementary RNAs were constructed and hybridized to microarrays to yield 42 data sets.