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Carol Deppe, a grain-corn hybridizer in Corvallis, Ore, says she has tried several electric grain mills and thinks the Whisper Mill is best for fine grinding.
Following from Smith (1972), many of us are "hybridizers", as a hybridizer is one who to solve a problem applies one thing for one purpose, to another thing for another purpose.
Earl Watts is a noted hybridizer of daylilies and has hybridized over 30 daylilies registered with the American Hemerocallis Society.
King's contact with Oregon hybridizer Fern Pilley got her started with daylilies 27 years ago.
Which hybridizer will produce the elusive winter-hardy truly climbing rose for the prairies?
Tender are invited for Reagents And Kits Compatible Apparatus In Situ Hybridizer For Sish Or Equivalent
Plant them among hellebores with black or state flowers (such as Black Diamond), suggests hybridizer Marietta O'Byrne of Northwest Garden Nursery, Those dark flowers often last through May.
2:00 pm Robert Kopfstein "Ed Hummel--Plantsman, Hybridizer, Eccentric"
There's even an unusual "black" dahlia - a purple-red so deep it appears black - entered by Ginger Clack, a hybridizer from Myrtle Creek.
In this expanded version of Water Gardening: Water Lilies and Lotuses (with Peter Robinson, Timber Press, 1996), Slocum, a recently deceased hybridizer of waterlilies and nature photographer, shows off the beauty of the Nymphaeaceae family in 322 color plates.
Aside from tulips, another top attraction at the Festival of Flowers is a one-acre lilac grove, which boasts varieties such as ``Lavender Lady'' and ``Angel White'' that were specifically developed for the botanical garden by noted UCLA hybridizer Walter Lammerts.