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And its great range of natural tolerances (to a variety of soils, climate extremes, insects, diseases, nutrition, and cultivation demands) lets modern hybridizers create new varieties to suit any need.
Following from Smith (1972), many of us are "hybridizers", as a hybridizer is one who to solve a problem applies one thing for one purpose, to another thing for another purpose.
"In particular, the cooperative efforts of distinguished ARS researchers such as Robert Stewart and Marc Cathey have been extremely helpful to the commercial hybridizers."
Amid the conflicting claims to scientific authority, farmers allied themselves with the scientistic advertising of the private hybridizers, their networks of associated dealers, and the promise of the new.
* John Richter opens his private garden in Warrenville to share the beauty of his grafted trees and variegated bushes, thousands of day lilies from 10 hybridizers, and more than 750 varieties of hostas.
One of the most common orchids, with more than 50 species and new ones being created by hybridizers every day, is the Phalaenopsis or moth orchid.
They include native American varieties, French hybrids, and hybrids developed at various research stations or by private hybridizers such as Elmer Swenson.
Early rose hybridizers on the prairies made it their primary emphasis to breed cold hardiness into their stock.
It's also gaining converts among commercial growers, to the point where hybridizers are busy creating new varieties that fit this category.
Meanwhile, bulb hybridizers are busy producing new and different tulips, only a small percentage of which will ever reach market.