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At the San Francisco Bromeliad conference I met Don Beadle and talked to him regarding hybridizing and techniques to use to keep pollen viable longer.
As far as we are aware, this is the first report describing the use of 2 TagMan probes labeled with the same reporter dye and hybridizing to the same amplicon for quantification purposes, which increases the sensitivity of the quantitative assay per se.
This was a turning point in my hybridizing efforts as rather than working on producing more dark reds as many of nay other crosses had done, I thought I should turn my focus to these flat-flower forms and try to get them out-facing as well.
Similar DNA fingerprints exist when two or more patients' isolates share an IS6110-DNA fingerprint that differs by a single band (i.e., has an additional band [+ 1], lacks a band [- 1 ], or differs in the size of a single hybridizing band) and has an identical pattern by PGRS (1013).
Certain benefits may also be obtained by hybridizing FEEs owned by U.S.
Nor, for that matter, need we waste time on Father Jackman's doctrinal hybridizing.
Second, I will test whether loci controlling behavioural and ecological traits that cause reproductive isolation are clustered in the genome, using a genome-wide quantitative trait analysis of reproductive isolation in two hybridizing species pairs.
(Ghent, Belgium) has patented a method for detection and/or genetic analysis of HBV in a biological sample, comprising hybridizing the polynucleic acids of the sample with a combination of at least two nucleotide probes, with said combination hybridizing specifically to a mutant target sequence chosen from the HBV RT pol gene region and/or to a mutant target sequence chosen from the HBV preCore region and/or to a mutant target sequence chosen from the HBsAg region of HBV and/or to a HBV genotype-specific target sequence, with said target sequences being chosen from FIG.
The finding raises tricky questions for conservationists, who normally try to protect rare species against hybridizing.
Where Warhol took his cues from the print media and Ruscha from road signage, Edwards looks to corporate graphics and the hybridizing capabilities of the computer, sampling from diverse sources and realigning the results on his canvases.
One DNA sequence is used to immobilize the mec A gene which is simultaneously hybridizing to detect DNA sequences in solution.