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CELL. A small room in a prison. See Dungeon.

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In the present study, hybridoma technology has been used to develop a murine hybridoma cells producing monoclonal antibody by the conditioning of cell culture media with different carbohydrates in vitro.
These responses by WM68 in10% FBS were expected and many labs have reported the similar effects of serum on hybridoma cell viability, density and antibody production (Lee et al., 1989a,b; MacMichael, 1989).
Hybridoma cell line production of monoclonal antibodies is static; so once a desirable cell line is identified, the immunoreagent is of constant and known affinity (Goding, 1986).
Immortalized cells Malignant or hybridoma cells that can be subcultured indefinitely.
Controls were also run using either BM only or a nonspecific antibody-producing hybridoma cell supernatant in place of the primary antibody solution.
The resulting cell line then can be developed for clinical trial testing over essentially the same timeline as that required for hybridoma cell line development.
In addition, we have also examined the efficacy of the mAb TFL-007 to suppress the anti-HLA-I Ab production by the immortalized B cells (hybridoma cell line, HML-416) from a woman similarly immunized postpartum by allo-HLA (example number 2).
We extracted mRNA from tacrolimus 1-60-46 hybridoma cell line (Abbott Laboratories code 93339) using Oligotex direct mRNA isolation kit (Qiagen).
The new patent extends the method of producing antibodies to include a hybridoma cell line.
Positive wells were further expanded and maintained under drug selection, and hybridoma cell lines of interest were subcloned by limiting dilution.
We performed hybridoma cell line screening by use of cryptate-conjugated goat antimouse IgG (Sigma) and AF647conjugated recombinant human MMP-7 diluted to 0.3 mg/L and 1 mg/L, respectively, with assay buffer.
After screening and cloning of positive hybridoma clones, four stable hybridoma cell lines producing IgG antibodies were derived: 4F3, 7B6, 8G10, and 11C10.