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Hydrocyanic acid content is heritable and subjected to modification through selection and breeding, as well as by climate, stage of maturity, stunting of plant, type of soil and fertilizer (Khatri et al.
Jorgensen [8] reported that plants that are grown in soil with low potassium content or high nitrogen have high hydrocyanic acid concentration in their tubers; and also as the plants get older, the hydrocyanic acid content of the tubers increases, attains a peak and then begins to decline.
The parameters determined for both the leaf-fold and the core of the pseudostem wastes were the moisture content, the solubles in water, sodium hydroxide and 1:2 v/v ethanol-benzene solution mixture; the mineral elements detected were Na, K, Cr, Mg, Zn, Fe, Cu and P; Pb was present in trace concentration in only the banana leaf-folds, phytochemicals identified were the oxalates, the phytates, hydrocyanic acid, tannins, flavonoids, saponoids and alkalites.
8] selection from the low hydrocyanic acid (HCN)-potential population NP36 (Gorz et al.
Cyanides, the salts of hydrocyanic acid, are extremely toxic.
The compound thought of as the parent of all these salts is variously called hydrogen cyanide, hydrocyanic acid, or prussic acid.
They sunk 65 ships loaded with killer nerve agent Sarin, cyanide-based Cyclone B which was used in concentration camps, mustard gas, Lewsite and Hydrocyanic Acid.
Cyanide The cyanide anion, NC-, whether delivered in hydrocyanic acid or in a cyanogen such as cyanide chloride, exerts its toxicity primarily by inhibiting mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase, leading to lactic, acidosis, hypoxia, seizures, dysrhymias, and respiratory failure.
The 44 people who died from a fire in a building in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ward at the weekend are believed to have died in one to two minutes after inhaling carbon monoxide or hydrocyanic acid gas, investigators said Tuesday.
Furthermore, its discharge of hydrocyanic acid and other toxic gases when on fire has become a problem.