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The impact of hydrofluoric acid surface treatments on the performance of a porcelain laminutesate restorative material.
Sandblasting and hydrofluoric acid can sometimes damage the glass fibers and affect the integrity of the posts.
The fluoride ion released by hydrofluoric acid is terribly corrosive.
After dissolving away the stone with hydrofluoric acid, Butterfield found an array of different animals, including parts of small crustaceans, which would have measured about 1 centimeter long.
A Filipina employee died after her legs were spattered with hydrofluoric acid during work at a factory in Miaoli County, the Central News Agency reported Thursday (August 29).
Several mineralization processes are routinely handled, from the regular use of nitric acid into hydrofluoric acid, or microwaves for complex matrices, like silicon.
Current ASTM specifications now in use (2) for simply preparing Tungsten and its alloys for electrodeposition are quite involved and employ high concentrations of hydrofluoric acid and/or Sodium and Potassium hydroxide.
Another source familiar with the matter said Exxon's interim plan lacked full support of air pollution regulators at the South Coast Air Quality Management District and California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health, or Cal/Osha, particularly as Cal/Osha investigates a leak of highly toxic hydrofluoric acid at the plant.
The USA can produce fluorine as by-product of the mining of phosphate, but also import large quantities of fluorite and hydrofluoric acid, especially from Mexico.
Some eight tons of hydrofluoric acid leaked from chemical maker Hube Global's plant in Gumi after an explosion on 27 September have caused widespread damage to crops and livestock.
The company has cited a contract dispute between the company and its sole supplier of hydrofluoric acid (HF) that has resulted in unreliable and expensive deliveries of HF necessary for production of UF6.
A 45-litre container, half full of nitric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, exploded.