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The party conferring a power. One who makes a gift. One who creates a trust.

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n. a person or entity making a gift or donation.

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a person who makes a gift of property.
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DONOR. He who makes a gift. (q.v.)

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Liu and Fan (2002) reported that the presence of hydrogen donor additives (e.g., tetralin) help to terminate and stabilise the active chain free radicals to produce low molecular weight hydrocarbons, as illustrated below:
Therefore, it is desirable to apply this hydrogen donor to the hydrogenation of other oils.
In addition, catalase can promote the interaction of hydrogen peroxide with compounds that can serve as hydrogen donors so that the hydrogen peroxide can be converted to one molecule of water, and the reduced donor becomes oxidized (a process sometimes called the peroxidatic activity of catalase).
Present work shows that a-glycerophosphate was third best and succinate was fourth best hydrogen donor for oxyrase activity of both bacterial membrane fragments (maximum oxygen reduced by E.
Specifically, hydrogen donor and acceptor atoms must be within the cutoff distance of 2.5 [Angstrom] and the angle formed by the donor, hydrogen, and acceptor atoms must be larger than 90[degrees] to qualify as a hydrogen bond.
The second and most common in UV inks is hydrogen abstraction in the presence of hydrogen donor (RH).
They can serve as both a triplet photosensitizer and a hydrogen donor. We recently used a thiol derivative of thioxanthone (TX-SH) as the photoinitiator for free radical polymerization (7).
In the presence of hydrogen donor, the mesomerism of the peptide linkage, which is the tautomerization form of the interaction in PVP as shown in Fig.