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Its casting does not break down into the same pattern evident in the others, but considering it alongside them, imagining the same group of actors inhabiting the world of Lear and his daughters and the world of the Borgias, certainly gives one a firmer handle on Barnes's hyperbolical theatricality.
Indeed, in some respects, it is not hyperbolical to think that the very future of life insurance as we know it, with its tax-free inside buildup, could be in danger if SOLI is allowed to persist and be abused.
His procedure is arguably "antiphrastic" insofar as notion X or Y is devolved into its opposite, and certainly hyperbolical, for the same idea is exaggerated, blown out of proportions.
It is, like most of Beaumont and Fletcher's scenes, hyperbolical and ridiculous.
John Dashwood free range for her hyperbolical phrases, warning her husband against "'impoverishing" his "'dear little boy'" "'rob[bing] his child,'" and "'ruin[ing] himself and their poor little Harry by giving away all his money to his half sisters,'" an exaggeration belied by her later urging her husband not to "'give away half your fortune from your own child'"--with the words "all" and "half" exchanging places (8).
The motives and merits of this criticism are no longer in question, just as the polemics supporting it are less hyperbolical than they were during the wars.
In any event, even as the West lurches from "ethnocentric scorn" to "an hyperbolical admiration" and back--as Derrida characterizes West's self-referential histories of the Orient--China remains a powerful signifier.
Armed and ready for an imaginary battle, Sewell seizes upon Corey's offensive word "right" (offensive insofar as it mocks the minister's absolute authority) and launches into the tautological and hyperbolical argument whose turgidity is finally deflated by Nanny's witticism.
Pearl thus locates the demonological jeremiad, which strikes the modern ear as hyperbolical and tedious at the same time, in the public space in this fraught period.
These destructive and paradoxically hyperbolical female figures are typically constructed through, and organized around, images, themes, and motifs that belie decapitation and castration.
75) They base this claim, not (as in the first objection considered above) on the details of Descartes's code of conduct, but on his claim that his doubt is philosophical or hyperbolical.
Significantly the originality of hyperbolical doubt is mentioned only in a footnote (p.