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The shape of the hyperbolically shaped nozzle was designed to form a steady elongation rate along the nozzle length [3, 40], Therefore, Eq.
For both groups, the amount of unshared money decreased hyperbolically as the number of beneficiaries increased, consistent with Rachlin and Raineri (1992).
This correlation determines long-range dependency and autocorrelation of the signal with hyperbolically decaying values.
Paul has claimed somewhat hyperbolically that McCain met with ISIS, a charge that both the senator from Arizona and the mainstream media have sought to dismiss, but it now appears that the Northern Storm Brigade was the organization that sold American journalist Robert Sotloff to ISIS.
While the well-honed "Hermit Poems" meditate on sociality from a position of quiet solitude, "Din Poem" is sprawling and polyvocal, comprising ad jingles, sheet music, Eisenhower's holiday address, a barrage of racist slurs hyperbolically repeated into inane gibberish, and drawings of a meadowlark and a dove surrounded by musical notes.
It was a reminder that Sturtevant seemed to represent a cul-de-sac to many: Her detractors dismissed her as a sideshow plagiarist, while her fans hyperbolically described her as the destroyer of modern art.
Of particular interest is an effort by several of the authors to interpret herem hyperbolically.
Batali, like Bastianich a multimedia kitchen superstar, described it more hyperbolically in 2010, just days before the grand opening of the New York store.
When that is a given, what is the point in rubbing in this inevitable puritanically on each and every occasion and hyperbolically.
There is no suggestion in the document that Iran is required to dismantle all of Iran's nuclear program, as Zarif said hyperbolically,
Some critics have charged Alexie with hyperbolically negative portrayals of reservation life, or what David Treuer decries as the damaging cultural shorthand of "Indian tears.
Wilde's insistence on the "modernity" of set design in the first productions of Earnest was calculated to provoke a productive frission: audiences were to be jarred by the contrast between completely naturalistic (if upper class) set designs and a speech that was, in essence, smart nonsense--a hyperbolically rendered high-art, avant garde elevation of "fin de siecle talk" as the apex of modernity.