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Their special suitability for that role and their uniqueness as an elite organization have long been articles of faith in the Marine Corps, as famously, if somewhat hyperbolically, expressed in the mid '50s by Lieutenant General Lewis B.
McKenzie, the Scottish chief engineer at the mill, rushed over with a double-barrelled shotgun and hyperbolically blew the bean-trellis to smithereens but missed the snake, which should have been funny and cathartic, but wasn't.
At one point, he hyperbolically equates one of the plots of Xavier's books to "any Greek drama or Rossini opera" (p.
Bursting hyperbolically free of that earth-bound description, many of his most impressive late poems are written miles high in aircraft flying from protests at the World Trade Organization in Seattle or meetings of the World Social Forum.
Staging and disrupting conventional formulas of normative recovery while hyperbolically dramatizing contiguous spaces of incoherence, Dave Eggers's 2000 memoir, A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius contains an alternative logic of affectivity that locates possibilities for mourning in the ambivalent directionalities of post-traumatic sexual desire.
To the extent that people do discount hyperbolically, the effect I am identifying is significantly magnified, because even a very small amount of perceived latency would lead to very large devaluation.
Dunkirk-style (or so they've been hyperbolically termed) convoys of boats are organised to pick up travellers from Calais and deliver them safely to Blighty.
The problem of self-control in consumer decision making is, at least in part, due to the phenomenon of hyperbolically discounted rates of time preferences (Laibson 1997).
The pastor who said, "I have only one sermon, 'Come, sinners, and look on Christ,'"(9) was no doubt speaking hyperbolically but his statement points in the right direction.
Following upon Yagi's breakthrough, Koie too began to practice in the same mode, and it is most probable that in creating the hyperbolically white Return to Earth, Koie--who was to become a member of the Sodeisha group founded by Yagi--was reacting to Yagi's black works.
Which encouraged one South African writer, Justice Malala, to hyperbolically assert that "something much greater than just South Africa's reputation as a human rights leader on the continent died" when the government let Bashir go.
We're currently engaged in some of the largest and most important projects in the region," he tells Construction Week , and he isn't speaking hyperbolically.