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As we grow increasingly self-righteous and hypercritical, we stumble into the "martyr trap.
No cardinal in modern times has assumed the papacy with so many hypercritical eyes on him.
They tut-tutted in disgust until the maestro entered, then spent the next three hours viewing the performance with hypercritical ears, seeking proof for their initial biases.
Even hypercritical Careen was forced to admit: "He does have a good stage personality.
Yet these are the very same African countries that the US is so hypercritical about.
The hospital received in excess of 116 written complaints from Seton's staff about abusive, hypercritical, and hostile attitude and behavior toward nursing staff, anesthesiologists, and perfusionists.
On one front, Delehaye refuted the hypercritical comparative-religions school that saw saints as thinly veiled substitutes for pagan gods.
Aisha, sixteen, is dealing with her parents' acrimonious divorce, as well as the demands of her hypercritical and protective father.
Whilst there are many interpretations of the meaning of the word corruption, the massive non-compliance, non-lodgement and non-payment of income tax by a section of an elite profession is unacceptable and by degrees represents hypercritical action.
Now that Wall Street has turned a hypercritical eye on the very segment it overinflated a year ago, it doesn't make sense for the company to jump into that market.
Your desire to hold up the proverbial mirror for colleagues to look into makes you appear to be an overly opinionated, hypercritical, self-righteous fault-seeker.
At the age of eight, she was sent--with her three-year-old sister--across the country by train, with no adult help, to live with a hypercritical grandmother in California.