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Because storage infrastructure is hypercritical to the operations of any business, any downtime has significant negative business ramifications.
It's perhaps no wonder that you begin to be hypercritical about your body.
Jones admitted: "We probably should have (won), the pressure we put ourselves under in those exits in the first half is something if you're being hypercritical.
By then, nearly 20 percent of the data in the global data sphere will be critical to our daily lives and nearly 10 percent of that will be hypercritical. This data will unlock unique user experiences and a new world of business opportunities.
Sports-mad Chollie has the outgoing Miranda; class-clown Sam has Erica; and hypercritical student body president Duke has seventh-grader Sharon.
But it would be hypercritical to say that the author could have done more.
The hypercritical part (when the flow starts decreasing) is usually neglected and arbitrary parameterizations are used [5].
A hypercritical mother and a father with a propensity to disappear for days at a time contribute to Jennifer's ceaseless battles with relationships and with the demon of weight obsession.
Franklin examines the effects on Jackson of a hypercritical mother, her husbandAEs infidelities, domineering behavior and professional jealousy (though he touted her fiction as among the most brilliant he had ever seen), childrearing, and publisher deadlines.
"We would have liked him to have knocked over a few more conversions, but that's being hypercritical.
If you were hypercritical you might say that Ajinkya Rahane, despite batting really well and showing again what a talented and mentally aware player he is, might have accelerated a little bit earlier and that might have allowed them to score an additional 10 to 15 runs.
THE STORY: Jane Re, a half-Korean orphan who has the misfortune to graduate from college during the dot-com bust, finds herself stocking shelves at her hypercritical aunt and uncle's bodega in a Korean immigrant neighborhood in Flushing, Queens.