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Out of total number of these polling stations 1546, this has been ascertained by the security agencies and the magistrates, the number of hypersensitive polling stations is 1021, sensitive polling station in all the three districts is 470 and normal is 55.
Hypersensitive response is a defense mechanism used by all plants in which one or a few cells surrounding the site of pathogen attack essentially commit suicide to prevent further spread of the pathogen.
Tilly Warner has visual impairment and Albinism, a congenital disorder that has made her hypersensitive to sunlight.
By lowering the activity of a protein called MARRS, a receptor or "gatekeeper" for vitamin D signalling, [research from the University of Guelph] has shown that breast cancer cells become hypersensitive to the nutrient and are easier to kill.
Normal individuals who scored high on a measure of impulsive/antisocial traits display a hypersensitive brain reward system, according to a brain imaging study by researchers at Vanderbilt University.
People with autism may be hypersensitive to sound and light and may not be able to adapt to theater etiquette, such as not talking during the movie.
In women with bad dysmenorrhoea, the uterus is hypersensitive and contracts more violently and frequently.
PEA is hypersensitive to shear and can degrade quickly into corrosive acids that plate out on the walls of the molding system, D-M-E says.
The neurology study, by the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, suggests the changes may make patients hypersensitive to pain in general.
They also appeared to have altered and hypersensitive immune systems.
A long list of non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory drugs for common indications, such as headache, is contraindicated to hypersensitive patients.
Following an overview of the basic functioning of the immune system and in the healthy and hypersensitive gut, they present an A-Z description of GI diseases from allergic proctocolitis to Yersinia entercolitis and their major immunologic features and assumed immunogenesis.