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The associative function of hyperlinks is well documented in first-wave hypertext theory (e.
As noted, some researchers believe that hypertext technology provides "potential for a greater and richer" learning environment (Dillon, 1996, p.
Protopsaltis and Bouki (2005) developed a model for describing the process of reading articles in a hypertext format.
CFT and the integration of hypertext learning resources into a broader learning context represent two major approaches of hypertext learning applications and underlying research.
Once I provide my students with a description of hypertext novels similar to the one just offered (with a visual demonstration of StorySpace), they have more, and valid, questions.
web-based learning systems is the use of hypertext.
Rather than creating a series of pages with hypertext links from navigational phrases such as "next step" or "previous step," it is more effective to create links from important terms or concepts requiring further elucidation.
Hypertext links offer additional product information, biographical information on management and more.
By taking a hypertext link from the Web page in the e-mail, you will be instantly connected to that issue of the publication.
Installing an intranet enables a firm to harness the Internet for an internal information system by combining the firms local area network (LAN), including existing firm information, with a user-friendly Net browser that features hypertext markup language(4) (HTML) formatted pages and hyperlinked home pages.
Since last fall, when I wrote about how dancers can get plugged in to the Internet [see "Net Dance: Everything You Need to Know to Dance in Cyberspace," November 1995, page 74], there's been an explosion of dance-related sites on the World Wide Web--the segment of the Internet where cybernauts use special Web browser software to visit sites and view magazine-like pages of text and pictures, moving from page to page and site to site by clicking on hypertext links.
For some time now cyberbabble has pronounced the book obsolete: in the brave new world of hypertext students will no longer be prisoners of presequenced paragraphs and chapters, but will flit from idea to image to dataset to song as moved by the promptings of their own creative imaginations.