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6) In our study, decreased urinary output, decreased GFR (<30 mL/min), and hypervolemia were the most common reasons for HD initiation.
Hence, caution should be taken when serum albumin is used for diagnosing malnutrition in the presence of inflammation and hypervolemia.
To treat vasospasm, induced hypertension and hypervolemia (also known as Triple-H therapy) are frequently utilized.
Systematic review of the prevention of delayed ischemic neurological deficits with hypertension, hypervolemia, and hemodilution therapy following subarachnoid hemorrhage.
Among hematologic manifestations, we observed moderate anemia due to possible dilutional hypervolemia.
Exercise training-induced hypervolemia in the horse.
Using search criteria, we preselected specimens to exclude samples with ICD-9 codes indicative of known cardiac disease, renal dysfunction, hypo- or hypervolemia, salt overload or depletion, or endocrinopathies.
Patients were evaluated for the presence of dehydration, hypovolemia and hypervolemia, and accordingly appropriate intravenous (i.
Effects of hypervolemia and hypovolemia on cardiac and posterior lymph heart function in the toad Bufo marinus.
Continuation of beta-blockade is usually well tolerated and may improve outcomes; exceptions might include patients with marked hypervolemia or the onset of HF symptoms immediately following the initiation of beta-blockade.
Hypervolemia is an increase in intravascular, interstitial, or intracellular fluid.
Physical examination may reveal hypervolemia, edema, or hypertension.