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Hypnosis is usually defined as an altered state of consciousness where an individual is able to evade certain aspects that are related to reality, tolerate rational discrepancies, experience perceptual and memory distortions as reality and feel a compulsion to follow instructions of the hypnotherapist in an uncritical fashion.1 Hypnotic suggestions are influenced by a subject's trance capability, motivation and relationship with the hypnotist.
The past few weeks, I have been receiving requests for past-life hypnotic regression.
Results show that increasing night-time levels of artificial, outdoor light exposure, stratified by quartile, were associated with an increased prevalence of hypnotic prescriptions and daily dose intake.
Overloading the message units block the critical mind, activating our fight/flight process, and finally reaching the sub-conscious mind that creates a hyper-suggestible state, called hypnotic state or hypnosis.
(34) reported a significant influence on reaction time in a task soon after the hypnotic intervention.
A "HYPNOTIC" image of sand dunes has won top prize in this year's Landscape Photographer of the Year Award.
Synopsis: In the pages of "The Hypnotic Communist: The Satanic Seduction of America", Calvin Fields (a former Professor of Management who now writes and helps manage his family's cattle ranch in Texas) lays out the case that there is a hidden enemy within America that is continually undermining our institutions, culture, and traditions.
The most commonly reported drugs were the antidepressants Zoloft and Celexa, followed by the antianxiety drug Xanax and the hypnotic Ambien.
Chapter 4, the Hypnotic Mindset, instructs caregivers on how to lay the groundwork for the process in the final months before birth.
Before a hypnotic is prescribed and where possible, underlying conditions like depression should be treated.
Research on what I call "hypnotic psi" is one of the few consistently active areas of research remaining in contemporary parapsychology Arguably, the revival of interest in using hypnosis to facilitate psi is appealing in psi research circles because it promises a refuge for what appears to be the robust historical association between the two areas.
The TV3 programme You're Back In The Room sees a team take on apparently simple challenges to win money, but there's a catch - they will all be under Keith's hypnotic spell.