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The dreamlike sequence is beautifully illustrated, couched in hypnotically peaceful darkness.
The wholesome legumes infused with fragrant spices make a hypnotically tasty partnership.
In fact there is nothing not to like: its hypnotically compelling colours and textures have an almost visceral effect, and its focus on outcomes, rather than strategies, is most appealing.
and hypnotically content with each of our bedside lamps.
Utilising a drummer and percussionist who both pummelled their kits throughout, songs such as The Seer and Just A Little Boy were hypnotically rhythmic, danceable even.
Knowing, menacing and hypnotically compelling, this is an excellent mind-bending plunge into the shallows of American life.
Powerful, visceral and hypnotically dream-like, the play reveals only slivers of the story, building audience intrigue until the massive revelation of its final scene.
Part of the film's appeal is that you never know what achingly beautiful or hypnotically transfixing image will appear next; displaying our planet's cyclical journey through civilisation and back again, or the ways we humans alter our natural world and our natural selves.
DJ Mustard's instrumental for "Rack City" incorporates only three, hypnotically looped notes: A, G# and C#.
The trio of short pieces by Terry Riley and Steve Reich are hypnotically engrossing, but while I enjoyed them, I cannot imagine dipping into them as often as I have re-visited Tubular Bells.
The story began at a convention in New York City where a thousand people had come to be hypnotically regressed into past lives.
Techniques include systems-centered therapy, vocational fantasy, changing core beliefs, psychodynamic uncovering technique, hypnotically enhanced interactive cognitive rehearsal, making the client the counselor, art and voice therapy, reality therapy and choice theory, using stories, memory work with children, dereflection for depression, relationship-centered counseling, assessment, social therapy, olfactory conditioning, screening personality disorders, bibliotherapy, and rational emotive imagery.