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Without any hesitation, they have used the great American flag (and your hypnotically induced allegiance to it) to neutralize your opposition to their crimes.
A long stretch of cloth undulates hypnotically above the stage, then drifts to earth when a soft swatch of forest turf is needed for Tytania's potion-induced wooing of the magically transformed Bottom.
It crawls hypnotically across the screen, eventually striking a dangling pomegranate, the Jewish symbol of righteousness.
Meanwhile, the dance of the Three Swans and Four Swans in two short set pieces was hypnotically entrancing.
And now it has a centerpiece: a new 4-mile loop trail to Brushy Peak's shoulder for big-exhale views of rolling hills, sky, the whole Livermore Valley, and, in the distance, the hypnotically spinning windmills on the Altamont Pass.
On it hypnotically trancey blues, gossamer-light folk and fluid, ambient jazz all combine to create the aural equivalent of floating suspended in luke-warm water.
Clever use of lighting is especially effective, notably whenamale duo encircle and embrace each as a projection of flowing water laps hypnotically at their feet.
These hypnotically overwrought descriptions are scattered liberally through the book.
It was dusk and I was alone, but in the distance I could make out a row of figures, silhouetted against the dim glow of the street lamps as they glided hypnotically towards me.
Another pair uses the table as a ballet barre while, in this hypnotically sensuous passage, also managing to resemble horses stroking the ground with their hooves.
While the scholarly approaches in this collection range from broadly contextual to hypnotically microscopic, they all serve to clarify our understanding of the manuscripts and of the personalities who created and owned them.