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3]] Hypos occur when glucose in the blood falls to a low level, and symptoms can include a pounding heart, trembling, hunger, difficulty concentrating and blurred vision.
Hypo Noe Gruppe, founded in 1888, is wholly owned by the State of Lower Austria.
It is an important reminder that people on certain medication for type 2 diabetes can have hypos which, when identified early, can be treated very quickly with a quick-acting carbohydrate as long as the person is conscious.
Hypo has so far received $128bn in guarantees from the state and fellow banks over the past year, but remains in dire financial straits.
The financial crisis, however, is not over and it is hard to predict a result for Hypo.
Georg Funke, CEO of Hypo Real Estate Group, said: 'The new credit facility is a far-reaching and innovative approach which allows us to adjust our funding structure in order to accommodate the current malfunctioning of the international money markets.
The rest of Hypo Alpe Adria is being wound down by Heta.
Having repeated hypos can, over time, lead to 'hypo unawareness', where the warning symptoms of a hypo are no longer felt, making hypos harder to identify and more difficult to manage.
To address the growing, sophisticated needs of banking customers for anytime, anywhere access throughout the country, Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank was seeking an integrated, authentication platform that could secure its internet and mobile banking, while also offering a flexible, future-proof framework for adding multi-factor authentication to respond to current and evolving online threats.
Hypo Alpe Adria has a network of offices on the Balkans which includes six banks and three leasing operators in Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Montenegro.
According to Reuters, Austria-based Vienna Insurance may have to sustain losses from around EUR100m of Hypo Alpe Adria bonds guaranteed by the province of Carinthia.
Examples of its medical usage include: Hypotension - low blood pressure Hypothyroidism - underactive thyroid gland Hypothermia - low body temperature Hypoxic - too little oxygen HYPERThis prefix indicates that something is the opposite of hypo.