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The flesh of the children in Honkawa Elementary School near the hypocenter did not hold up as well as the concrete and structural steel of the Atomic Bomb Dome.
The sheer force of the explosion had shifted the position of a large steel bridge close to the hypocenter, flattened all wooden buildings and steelframe structures and collapsed the floors and roofs of reinforced concrete buildings designed to withstand earthquakes.
The quake's hypocenter was unusually deep, about 11 miles, while most Northern California quakes occur at 6 to 9 miles.
Geological Survey--as to the hypocenter, epicenter, depth, and moment magnitude.
The velocity structure considered for hypocenter location is also a possible source of error, but some tests made previously using controlled blasts showed that the crustal model used for the hypocenter determination at NRV is well constrained.
8 kilometers from the hypocenter when the device went off and did not recall much after the flash except being lifted and falling heavily onto the ground.
After the flash came the shockwave, ripping out from the hypocenter at 7200 miles per hour, 10,000 feet a second, producing a wall of high pressure that smashed through doors, windows, houses, offices, temples, hospitals, shops, stalls, restaurants, factories, buses, schools, animals, and people.
Result of earthquake attenuations from hypocenter to some distance is presented in Figure 3.
The city will make the records into a database, starting the project in fiscal 2001 from April 1, for children who visit the park near the hypocenter of the bombing in 1945 and donate paper cranes in the hope of realizing their wish for world peace, the officials said.
Geological Survey -- as to the hypocenter, epicenter, depth, and moment magnitude.
The predominance of long-period waves during the first 2 seconds suggests that the fracture initially spread smoothly and slowly from the earthquake hypocenter, located about 18 kilometers below the surface.
Mapping fractures remotely for earthquake hazard assessment by the use of topographic and seismic hypocenter data.