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where X1 are the hypocenter parameters and U1 are the aggregate of possible parameters describing the velocity model.
The sheer force of the explosion had shifted the position of a large steel bridge close to the hypocenter, flattened all wooden buildings and steelframe structures and collapsed the floors and roofs of reinforced concrete buildings designed to withstand earthquakes.
The quake's hypocenter was unusually deep, about 11 miles, while most Northern California quakes occur at 6 to 9 miles.
The hypocenter (area beneath the surface where the quake occurs) was much deeper than usual for a California temblor.
Geological Survey--as to the hypocenter, epicenter, depth, and moment magnitude.
The reported depth of the hypocenter is about 16 km and the co-seismic thrust offset was approximately 2 m around the hypocenter (Akyuz et al.
25, 16:16:43 5 0 14 100 0 0 Distance between Date, Seismic the hypocenter of Dominant PPV , time energy of seismic event and frequency of [m/s] seismic event the geophone No.
The Nagasaki Peace Museum, built close to the hypocenter of the explosion, did not disappoint.
2011) Precise hypocenter distribution of deep low-frequency earthquakes and its relationship to the local geometry of the subducting plate in the Nankai subduction zone, Japan.
P-wave arrivals were automatically picked and event hypocenter locations were calculated using the downhill Simplex method.