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Editor Gary Jones said: "Our job is to hold the powerful to account and shine a light on hypocrisy and double standards.
2) So mere mismatches cannot suffice to single out the phenomenon of hypocrisy.
It is hypocrisy to vote to bomb a sovereign country without a shred of evidence to warrant such actions.
Her argument and defence of her selective elitism is exactly what you see - hypocrisy and sheer indifference to what your child gets, as long as hers enjoy the best education at the cost of yours.
The second hypocrisy this week was the Liberal Leaders repeated bemoaning that the Premier was in Finland and not here in Parliament.
But if this accusation is correct then the word used to describe it is too mild, for Cameron's public condemnations of tax avoidance go beyond hypocrisy to sanctimony; a word which once referred to those who claimed moral superiority and did not deserve it.
A Labour politician in Ireland has accused members of the Oireachtas banking inquiry of 'utter hypocrisy.
Ministers have been accused of hypocrisy after it was revealed that the Government will make the decision on whether to allow two fracking schemes in Lancashire.
Jesus began to speak, first to His disciples, "Beware of the leaven -- that is, the hypocrisy -- of the Pharisees.
The problem with the reactions was they rarely addressed the point I was making in relation to the hypocrisy.
According to the author, multiplied the fighters for freedom of expression and media, so the tragedy in Paris boosted the dark comedy, tragic-comic scenario and hypocrisy in Macedonia.
hypocrisy crime, need I remember, at the height of the expenses revelations in 2009, being in a cab in Liverpool and the taxi driver saying to me he could not get enough of it, that he was "addicted to indignation".