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This is not the only time that our hypocrisy has been exposed.
[But if she's saying it to insinuate that I'm a bady guy, then that's too much hypocrisy, even for a Marcos.]
"Hypocrisy" generally carries the negative connotation of demanding higher standards of others than of yourself (i.e.
But the Tory councillors rejected charges of hypocrisy, pointing out that councillor Thomson had in fact opposed the June 2013 motion in favour of the link road but was now backing the project.
Anger over the PA's hypocrisy is understandable in light of the efforts undertaken to promote boycotts of Israeli products, from programs in schools to websites and segments on PA television.
Cardiff MP Jo Stevens said it exposed "yet more utter hypocrisy from the PM".
Prominent figures aside, the general public too seems to be performing their daily ablutions with buckets of hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy of the green campaign ENVIRONMENTAL groups often lecture people about how they should behave or think and yet are often the worst for hypocrisy.
Accusing President Muhammadu Buhari-led APC of taking hypocrisy to a ridiculous height in governance, Fayose said he had acted within the law by sending the budget to the assembly for appropriation and that what he was doing was for the benefit of Ekiti people.
White Helmets' members revealed their true nature and hypocrisy
However, no-one had to wait long to have the hypocrisy of the Canadian government revealed.
With the magic of Google at my fingertips, the more you investigate the more you see the hypocrisy of those who make these changes, not only to our education cuts but also to child poverty in Britain.