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According to her, CEDB hypocritically call for national consent, but deliberately draw dividing lines.
I FEEL the Polish Embassy in London has been disingenuous by recently exaggerating the risk to Polish nationals in the UK, whilst hypocritically ignoring the far worse situation in Poland.
While frontline services suffer, Labour ministers are hypocritically raining money down on their own vast estate.
Rather hypocritically some of these parties seeking to stall such parliamentary debates and votes through non-attendance -- namely the Free Patriotic Movement and friends -- are the same ones who are holding up the sessions designed to nominate a new president.
VMRO-DPMNE believes that when it comes to media, SDSM is hypocritically twisting facts and creating a manipulative picture of reality through doctored materials taken out of context.
e birth of an unacceptable form of zero hours contracts during the course of the 2010/15 Conservative administration is yet another example of how Conservative politicians care little about the welfare of those who they hypocritically applaud as hard working families.
Nothing is more dangerous and extreme than a political class touting for votes in a "politocracy" while hypocritically celebrating Magna Carta, which really did lay down personal freedoms against the king - or the state, as we call him today
Hypocritically, they seldom praise whom they favor, probably due to a dearth of positive qualities therein.
Liverpool fans have been particularly hard to deal with - constantly claiming Utd fans resent their success (which they do, of course) while hypocritically taking great (more?
The insurance industry is acting hypocritically, on the one hand talking about funding research and on the other hand opposing legislation that would recover money from the insurance industry to enable such research to be carried out.
Hypocritically, the crowd sang along, "I won't do what you tell me" whilst awaiting instruction to jump at the next beat drop.
UlutaE- mentions some columnists who he says write about the headscarf issue hypocritically.