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In performing surgery, we considered decompression of the brainstem, jugular foramen, and hypoglossal canal, which is achieved by the removal of the dislocated fragments associated with C1 dislocation and OCFs.
Occipital condyles are in close relationship with the hypoglossal canal and the jugular foramen, which includes the cranial nerves IX, X, and XI (28).
The hypoglossal canal, leading to the tongue, has been invoked in this context (Kay et al.
4,5,7,8) Inferior expansion can involve the jugular foramen and hypoglossal canal and lead to palsies of cranial nerves IX through XII.
Magnetic resonance imaging revealed a well-defined, abnormal, contrast-enhancing mass lesion involving the left lateral mass of the first cervical vertebra and the left occipital condyle up to the level of the left hypoglossal canal (Figure, A).