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The divine trait of beingness as hypostasis allows the movement of the divine hypostases within Godhead, towards one another and towards the human being, constituting what Tudor Ghideanu called "the theandric sense of love" (40).
One must conclude that if God were addressing only certain Christological orientations and not others, or that it only explicitly called out three separate "gods" but not "states" or hypostases, then that nuance was either missed by the early Muslim community, or that the early Muslim community succumbed to religious chauvinism and disregarded its otherwise ecumenical nature.
these three hypostases such as existence hypostasis, life hypostasis and science hypostasis are the same as father, son and the Holy Spirit, i.
Dans les deux hypostases, la protagoniste demeure prisonniere et finalement victime de ses utopies: Pour Manon il s'agit de l'amour, qui puisse vaincre les prejuges et de l'orgueil d'en acquerir plus que cela.
La mere archaique est une hypostase plus ancienne que la mere phallique.
On the Three Principal Hypostases (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1983) 124.
37) Thus, the war on terror proved itself a strong argument for the consolidation of the sovereign power, one of its hypostases being precisely territorial delimitation.
Also, the over fifty hypostases signs and their combinations endure the same restrictions.
The full spectrum ranges from dropped or incorrect page numbering for the Greek text, or the capitalization of 'Being', when the hypostases of Life and Intellect are not capitalized; to more serious hindrances to clarity, such as the erratic and improper use of bracketing, often with misleading or incorrect supplementation, or incorrect or misleading supplementation without bracketing; to direct inversions of sense, as when at 354, by virtue of a careless and obvious mistake, Damascius is positioned on the wrong side of the polemic in which he is engaged at that very moment.
De plus, les animaux sont souvent les hypostases d'un dieu.
Scholars initiated into the mysteries of hypostases and combinatrics, scholastic theology, and Neoplatonic metaphysics will find it essential.
8), where Plotinus had suggested the intimate connection between his three hypostases (One, Intellect, Soul) and the three first hypotheses of Parmenides (see Beierwaltes 1985:194-197).