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The doctrinal formulation of the Trinity, mia ousia, treis hypostaseis, arrived at in the course of the 4th century is thus, from the viewpoint of Greek philosophy, a contradiction in a double sense: on the one hand, it is questionable how the supreme uniqueness can at all be, on the other hand, it is hard to realise how the absolutely unique substance can still consist of three hypostases.
By the time of the Chalcedonian Council of 451 western Christianity held to one Godhead (one ousia, substance or being) in three hypostases, or persons, or modes of origin (the Son begotten, Spirit proceeding, Father neither begotten nor proceeding).
At least once he insisted that all three groups believed in one ousia (essence) and three hypostases (persons) in the Trinity.
One of the chief unifying components of his work, the spiritual, figures in a welder of hypostases, ranging from the metaphysical quest and the power accorded to the visionary, to the protean mode of discourse, and more importantly, a devout, priestly attitude to language.
And we know that when man is perfected, Adam will remember his entire self in all his hypostases, in the reverse stream of time, flowing back to the gates of Eden, and primeval man will remember his Eden.
The novel closes with Musa Choli's fight to the death in the gestalt of cobra, while the comrade president and his top aid suck the life from him in the hypostases of desert crocodile and giant praying mantis.
Meme retouches par son fils, son premier editeur, ses ecrits scrutes a la loupe permettent, affirment ces specialistes, de relever des paradoxes et des oxymores, des hypostases et des syllepses, des protases et des apodoses, des isotopies et des anacoluthes, des expletifs et des indices dialogiques, autant d'elements significatifs qui illustrent la plume conative de l'auteure et guident le chercheur dans sa comprehension de la soteriologie qui structurait temporellement et spatialement l'experience croyante de la missionnaire ursuline et l'orientent dans son identification du type de langage mystique, sponsal ou victimal, auquel il convient le mieux de rattacher l'itineraire spirituel de l'heroine.
Such figures, widely represented for example in the public statuary of European cities, are static, immobilized hypostases of moral qualities.
The Zohar even identifies the "shade of faith" and the sukkah itself directly with the shekhina, one of the ten divine hypostases (sefirot) in the qabbalistic conception of God.
Coetzee convincingly points out that thz filioque impasse was caused by the divergent approaches to the understanding of philosophical and theological meaning of such terms as ousia, hypostases, prosopon, substatia, and apophatic.
But to speak of "mysteries" in this context presumes that the events of Christ's life are extensions of the "mystery" of the incarnation-which itself is understood in terms of the Chalcedonian dogma of the two hypostases in Christ and the principle of the "exchange of attributes" of the council of Ephesus.
Dans les hypostases plus moderees du discours colonial, en associant au travail et progres technique une connotation moralement positive, le bon sauvage (l'indigene) est l'habitant des etablissements sedentaires qui montre son adhesion aux valeurs europeennes.