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(19) Yet here we see the tension between Roman ideas of epic and Roman practice: according to Stephen Hinds, "epic" as a literary construct in Roman critical discussion remained hypostasised as an idee fixe, its proper subject matter codified in Horace's Ars Poetica as "exploits of kings and leaders and savage wars" (res gestae regumque ducumque et tristia bella, 73), a regulatory ideal with which actual epic poems rarely, if ever, entirely complied.
the bewildering perspective of passing through ah the earlier stages, as in a film, with those stages hypostasised in a definitive juvenility, frozen like Disney himself in liquid nitrogen: Magic Country, Future World, Gothic, Hollywood itself reconstituted fifty years on in Florida, the whole of the past and the future revisited as living simulation.
176), which has those archaic qualities which Freud hypostasised as "primary process".