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The disappearance of Transcendence implies the dissolution of the hypostatic law and guarantee which ensured that there would be a just trial on the Day of Judgement.
Postmodernists, in their turn, regard liberal democratic theory as deriving from an unfounded conception of reason and the individual self which is unprovably essentialist, universalist, and hypostatic.
10) In a response to a question at a panel discussion Voegelin deplored the use, at the Council of Chalcedon in the fifth century, of inadequate substantive terms (terms which Voegelin said he himself would never use) to "solve a problem, which is an entirely ridiculous problem in theology, on the basis of the deposition fidei," (11) by defining Christ as one person who is a hypostatic union of human nature and divine nature, meaning that Christ is, mysteriously, truly and fully God and truly and fully man.
Just as Christ is fully human and fully divine, humanity operates in two planes: the physical world and the hypostatic dimension (p.
However, the side-effects of these interventions are well known, and to them must be added other potential risks of being in an HDU environment--immobilization to facilitate monitoring, increased risk of hypostatic pneumonia or thrombo-embolic phenomena, nosocomial infections or even excess patient fatigue.
From the Islamic perspective, the unseen world is in a hypostatic unity with the seen and has a "unitive form" than can only be described as tawhidi.
comminuted fractures of the skull; Godfrey Colston, hypostatic pneumonia; Charmian Colston, uremia; Jean Taylor, myocardial degeneration; Tempest Sidebottome, carcinoma of the cervix," etc.
This understanding of astrology arises out of Bruno's "nova philosophia," which pushed hermetic reason to its furthest degree by disassembling the ontological hierarchy that placed the hypostatic Uno at the highest point of the scale and matter at the lowest.
Though many themes are shared by past and current Christian writers, especially their objection to Baha'i views on the Trinity, resurrection, and the hypostatic union of Christ, more recent writings are marked by an effort not only towards greater historical accuracy but a more thorough attempt at refutation from a Christian viewpoint.
Tennyson's focus (like Lyell's) is the moral, spiritual side of humanity that looks to Christ as an examplar for conduct; yet his voice remains puzzled, especially over the hypostatic union, the way the incarnation unites the natural and supernatural.
Complications such as hypostatic pneumonia and pressure sores may develop, resulting in accelerated debility.