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A hypothecated NHS tax would not address the above issues and there is a danger that it would be accompanied by a pledge to reduce other forms of taxation so that the overall policy could be "revenue-neutral" and avoid the perception of raising taxes.
In fact, the present results provide robust evidence about public support for raising taxes when tax increases are modest and when they are clearly hypothecated in areas of public demand.
A total of 66 per cent of people said they'd pay more tax for the NHS if they knew the money was hypothecated or ringfenced purely for treatment.
Mr Hammond rejected Mr Davies's argument, saying: "You and I know, that no Government has hypothecated revenues in that way, they allocate them across the economy.
As we have made clear, the betting industry is sceptical about a further hypothecated tax, singling out bookmaking among the many industries where services are provided but often remain unclaimed.
The money is disbursed after the vehicle is hypothecated to the bank and the registration certificate submitted to the lender.
BIDs allow for a voluntary tax to be levied on a coalition of commercial interests for the hypothecated and deliberate improvement of that area.
Auction are invited for Hypothecated truck will be auction on 19012018