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During hypothermia (32–34[degrees]C), predictors of poor prognosis in comatose patients with hypothermia treatment include the bilateral absence of the N20 response of SLSEP (Recommendation Level A, Evidence Class I), the highest threshold of the NSE (24 h ≥52.4 [micro]g/L) or S-100B (24 h ≥0.18–0.21 [micro]g/L) protein serum concentration (Recommendation Level A, Evidence Class I), and a BIS value of 0 in QEEG (Recommendation Level B, Evidence Class II).
Q: A former editor of Stroke magazine was aware of the treatment, adding that hypothermia treatment in stroke patients has surfaced at different points in the past.
Hypothermia treatment potentiates ERK1/2 activation after traumatic brain injury.
Clinical study of mild hypothermia treatment for severe traumatic brain injury.
Six months after their heart attack, 41 percent of the patients receiving the mild hypothermia treatment had died, compared with 55 percent of those kept at normal body temperature, the researchers report in the Feb.