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One might hypothesize that the amount of virus available for human contamination reached its highest level between September 1998 and September 1999.
We hypothesize that the intricate connections between equal gender proportions and optimal conceptions at the core of the fertile window of the menstrual cycle and between disproportionate rates of male-biased and pathologic conceptuses outside of it are due to periovulatory hormone modulation, which simultaneously affects cervical liquefaction and oocyte maturation (8,9).
Feldman hypothesizes that as night breathing problems get worse, weakened elderly people, unlike the otherwise healthy rats, can't rouse themselves when they stop breathing.
This proposal hypothesizes that this mechanism maintains cartilage homeostasis in response to a wide range of physiologic mechanical loading conditions, but is unable to maintain tissue subjected to excessive loading, as seen in OA associated risk factors (e.
Lau hypothesizes that ingestion of the well-established neurotoxicants aspartic acid and L-glutamic acid as additives could lead to a high enough body burden to kill neurons by a mechanism called excitotoxicity.
Graduation tests may represent the final obstacle that causes struggling students to drop out of school, hypothesizes Monty Neill, executive director of The National Center for Fair and Open Testing.
In every "Reinforced Concrete Piece" one hypothesizes a human presence, since this simple, ubiquitous construction material immediately evokes humble labor.