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These data offer some support for the ratio of 10% unknown to 90% known for both recall and increasing on-task behavior, but it was the 83% known condition that fell within Gickling's hypothesized instructional level range of 70% to 85% known.
As we had hypothesized, inconsistent condom users were significantly more likely to report low relationship control (33.
The hypothesized three-factor structural model of ethnic identity, acculturation, and mattering significantly predicting wellness in adolescents first was tested with all participants, then tested again separately with the minority and nonminority groups of students.
It is hypothesized that psychic costs of separation increase with age.
To explore the relationship of the independent variable (amount of information given to the caregiver) and the dependent variable (coping ability or family adjustment) of the research hypothesis, a confirmatory factor analysis was performed, permitting the researcher to specify a hypothesized model of relationships between observed and latent variables and to assess the adequacy of the model using an established Goodness of Fit Index (GFI).
Specifically, they hypothesized that observers would judge attractive women to be more agreeable, extraverted, conscientious, open to experiences, and emotionally stable than less attractive women.
Students' cultural orientations, however, are hypothesized as not related to the effectiveness of collaborative learning.
2002) noted that the levels of AED in Fenholloway River water did not seem to be sufficient to cause masculinization of the fish, and they hypothesized that the masculinizing effects from paper mill effluent might result from inhibition of the enzyme P450 aromatase.
It was hypothesized that the flame-resistance of all fabric samples would steadily decrease throughout the entire process of washings.
Researchers in Scotland hypothesized that vegetarians would have higher levels of salicylic acid in their blood than non-vegetarians because vegetarians typically eat more fruits and vegetables.
It was hypothesized that increases in power are specific to the training resistance and velocity used.