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Nevertheless, the concepts and operational definitions in the field of security research are required to develop the theoretical framework and the hypothetic and deductive process on certain phenomena and their relationship with others.
Let's consider a realistic but hypothetic situation of a public sector pension plan in which the asset value is 20 percent below current (normalized) actuarial liability.
Positive and negative ideal solution is a hypothetic solution where all the indexical values are similar to the maximum and minimum indexical values in the base, respectively [10].
Given the Proto-Hungarian syllable structure CVCV, a hypothetic *hojola(+suffix) form (e.
Firstly, we present results of numerical simulations of the tsunami wave, potentially caused by this future hypothetic event according to three viable scenarios.
The plasma volume in such circumstances may remain normal or become slightly increased, in the hypothetic examples given, the plasma volume becomes increased to 3750 cc even though the percentage of plasma is only 25% as compared to the normal percentage of 55%.
The start of aggressive military actions may again intensify the flurry over hypothetic delays and even end of supplies, which will bolster Brent quotes.
As the researcher points out, "we presented individuals with ten hypothetic choice scenarios, each with five alternatives.
The hypothetic (pre-survey) model for this study, based on the literature review, is shown in Figure 1.
A hypothetic construct for integrating the results of laboratory investigations may finally help provide insight into this enigmatic and deadly disease.
7 Sources: PT BA Note: adb = air dried basis ar = as received Table--13 Locations of coal reserves in Indonesia by locations and sizes, 2010 (Million Tons) Resources Province Hypothetic Inferred Indicated Banten 5.
It was only a scenario based on a hypothetic assumption.