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If a TTAB finding of "a likelihood of confusion" is construed as a finding that the mark might hypothetically be used in a way that would create confusion, then, logically, that finding generally shouldn't be binding in a related infringement case: there would seldom be a basis for concluding that the set of circumstances that the TTAB was worried about is the same set of circumstances that actually exists in the marketplace.
Of course, we remain concerned about any incidents of violence and we'll make that clear, but I'm not going to hypothetically venture to guess what will happen next.
Hypothetically, as jurors for a case involving an individual and an insurance company, 59 percent of respondents said they would favor the individual.
Hypothetically speaking let's say Scotland gets its independence, the flag of Scotland is that of St Andrew, comprising a blue background with a white diagonal cross which is part of the Union Jack.
Hypothetically, that would he awesome in a fight until you realize that there isn't a 20-round speed-loader.
If you are one of those people who always wish for more time in a day, then your wish came true on Saturdayy (June 30), at least even just for a second, hypothetically speaking.
He added: "Let's say, hypothetically, we win the first game 3-0 - we can't go out and celebrate like everyone else.
We are talking hypothetically here, it will depend on how Motherwell get on against Kilmarnock and if things go our way on Sunday.
With the two reasoned opinions we are doing nothing more than entering the next stage of solving the issues," said Hungary's Ambassador to the EU Peter Gyorkos, highlighting that there is "still huge room" for agreement with the Commission before the matter hypothetically lands in front of the EU Court of Justice.
You are right, the best place would be the Masjids, but forgive me, I don't mean to scare anyone and this is just hypothetically speaking.
FRIDAY Derren Brown: The Assassin Channel 4, 9pm Do you think you could, hypothetically speaking, shoot a celebrity?
Miss_Dummy) for hypothetically missing analysts' earnings forecasts is included in the analysis.