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Ms Mariam hypothetically speaking can only run the party if her bail continues and still she may not hold an office in the party so that means if she decides to opt for the streets which she may well decide the entire debate of party defections may be reviewed in superior courts.
The TV special featured Harper Collins publisher Judith Regan, who spoke to Simpson in 2006 to promote his book If I Did It, where he hypothetically discusses how he would have killed Nicole and Ron.
We were having dinner and talking about it hypothetically, where we would be, but we're all older.
Speaking of New Year, I will greet it with my family, so, understandably, I won't attend any party, even, as The Baltic Times suggests, hypothetically thrown by the world leaders ...
Bachvarova has explained that all the effort of Bulgaria to raise EU funding for a response to the migrant crisis addresses a possible scenario of renewed migratory pressure which "hypothetically and theoretically could be determined depending on the events in Serbia."With temporary shelters already used, a capacity of up to 6000 is available, but has been used to the maximum.Earlier this week, an <a href="http://www.novinite.com/articles/176748/More+Migrants+Leaving+Bulgaria%27s+Accommodation+Centers">increasing number of departures from accommodation centers was reported by authorities, days after a warning from the refugee agency that it was working beyond its capacity to give shelter to asylum seekers.
Mr Smith said he would fight a general election making a "really strong case for us to stay" in the EU, but if the country had already left then "hypothetically" he could apply for the UK to rejoin.
Some scientists think Venus, currently a stagnant planet, could hypothetically one day have plate tectonics under the right conditions.
Wynne confirms that the internal consistency test requires courts to hypothetically assume every state has the same tax structure and provides a clear and comprehensive example of how courts must evaluate a challenged tax scheme.
I think the inference that he wanted two out of three attacking batsmen, he just wanted to make it clear that's in an ideal world or hypothetically.
I think the inference that he wanted two out of three (attacking batsmen)...he just wanted to make it clear that's in an ideal world or hypothetically, 'it would be nice if '.
Nevertheless, if, hypothetically, the right opportunity arises, we are not closed at acquiring a bank.
If such a request is made, it will be "discussed and considered," said Peskov in comments to Russian news agencies on Friday, adding that the question is now difficult to discuss hypothetically.