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So that, if firms hypothetically miss their analysts' earnings forecasts they are expected to exhibit benchmark behavior by manipulating pension expense to increase actual earnings in order to reach their benchmark.
In practice, however, effects such as the distribution of photon energy between electrons and holes require that photons have more than the hypothetically required energy to produce a specific number of excitons.
Hypothetically, assume that a tax preparation practice that was sold engaged in improper practices and procedures--such as encouraging clients to take a particular tax position that was very aggressive and/or wasn't adequately supported by the law or claiming unsubstantiated tax deductions.
We answered hypothetically that we would not rule out nuclear in principal.
Little, if any, cash would be distributed, so that the QSub's value was increasing by the profits hypothetically earned by the SESOP, the parent's sole owner.
The flaw, which hypothetically could allow an attack to prematurely shut down TCP conversations, is believed to be low risk.
Again using his multicountry model, Fair hypothetically stripped out the effect of the stock market boom on such factors as the wealth effect on consumption and the cost of capital effect on investment.
The imaginary image of sniper Lee Harvey Oswald framed in the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository hypothetically "reminds" Lubin of an Edward Hopper isolato.
In other words, if a mass of concurrently running convertible PIPEs become due to be exercised at the same time--and, hypothetically, all investors elect to sell out--the issuer will be unable to make the payments.
Let's say, hypothetically, that new UCLA basketball coach Ben Howland, wanting to add some talent and heart at the post, started recruiting Arizona State center Ike Diogu.
Consider, hypothetically, that a vendor guarantees performing an education credential verification within 72 hours, even though schools are closed for spring break.