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Her hysteria became violent, and she was helped, weeping and laughing, out of the room.
He had some half-formed conception of their superstitious fears and of their especial dread of night, and so he decided to wait until darkness fell and the blacks partially worked to hysteria by their dancing and religious rites before he took any steps toward the freeing of Numa.
Also, in the moments when he was shoved away and was springing back to the attack, he yelped in high-pitched puppy hysteria.
Employing hysteria as an explanatory category at all risks essentialisms that echo those of the past like the idea that conversion hysterias occur only in psychoanalytically unsophisticated areas such as East Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, or Nigeria, as Harold Mersky argued in The Analysis of Hysteria (1978) (Showalter 4), or the age-old labeling of hysteria as a women's condition.
Consciously or not, then, director Blomkamp is pointing out the fine, often vanishing, line that splits hysterics between what is hysterically funny and real hysteria.
4) Manifested not only by the abstract "production and overcoding of fear and fantasies, faked objects and images" but by actual hysterias in the form of "'periodic waves of collective sexual hysteria'" (van Onselen qtd Mbembe 45).
Inexplicable events of mass hysteria are fairly common among school children the world over, from Le Roy, New York to Kashasha, Tanzania, and are generally considered an expression of some strain or anxiety that finds no other outlet.
They are, she says, latter-day hysterias, psychosomatic disorders whose roots lie not in organic causes but in psychological distress.
Modern forms of individual and mass hysteria have much to tell us about the anxieties and fantasies of western culture, especially in the United States and Europe," writes Showalter, who spoke with Senior Editor Nick Gillespie by telephone.
And like all hysterias, this one is based on falsehoods and is bound to do grave damage.
But the hysteria against deconstruction has, as hysterias tend to do, blotted out distinctions.