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Master and hysteric need each other: the hysteric posing a demand that creates some knowledge, and the Master trying to attain absolute knowledge.
Her criticism points to, in her mind, the limitation of realism, both its representative subject - the hysteric - and its most commercial form - the photo still.
we need to see how hysteria in men has always been regarded as a shameful, 'effeminate' disorder," with the male hysteric assumed to be "unmanly, womanish, or homosexual, as if the feminine component within masculinity were itself a symptom of disease.
Limbaugh is also a male hysteric, his voice moving down and up from somber bass to giddy, disbelieving laugh as he expresses outrage not permitted Peter Jennings.
Indeed, what we demanded from hysteria opposes its slipperiness and opacity; the hysteric, writes Georges Didi-Huberman "defies the spectator's desires" and simultaneously "consecrates and defies his mastery" (167).
At the same time, depicting himself in several of his films in the act of embroidery as well as "embroidering" the complicated system of quotations and allusions that creates the works' ambience, maybe in some nebulous fashion he positions himself as a hysteric, too--or at least as a diligent multitasker.
The subtext of the opera is gay," he adds, "and the governess is the cipher for a kind of homosexual hysteric unable to face his fantasies.
As one famous hysteric who went through the optical machine of the Salpetriere, Augustine, like many hysterics, was put under hypnosis and under ether and chloroform.
Confessional, sentimental, romantic, erotic, mystical, they represent the ravings of the female hysteric.
It is unusual, because the hysteric was always a woman.
SZ: As Lacan says, this is the paradox of the hysterical position: the hysteric articulates a certain demand, but his true desire is for this demand to be refused.
Yan developed a crosslinked elastomer with terminal groups that can attach to filler particles, thus eliminating hysteric losses.