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Object a is embodied in D'or as the agent who occupies the discourse positions of Master S1, Analyst a, and University S2, in addition to the position of Hysteric $.
Approaching her project with a preconceived notion--that because hysteria was in part "an illness of being a woman in an era that strictly limited female roles," hysterics must be victims "of a misogynist institution led by the tyrannical Charcot" (4), Hustvedt was surprised to discover "something far more nuanced" (5): the Salpetriere may have been % warehouse for the women Paris no longer wanted" (38), but it gave hysterics a home and a language to articulate their suffering.
She remained there for the rest of her life, first as a hysteric patient and later as an assistant in the radiology labs.
19) As in Kristeva's theory, the pre-Oedipal mother also plays a central role in Cixous' theorisation of the hysteric female subject.
Irigaray asserts that the hysteric "senses something remains to be said that resists all speech" (Speculum 193).
That hypnosis could successfully bring repressed/"hidden" personalities to the surface in hysterics allowed James to take his ideas further and to speculate that perhaps hypnosis could actually induce telepathic communication between the selves.
we need to see how hysteria in men has always been regarded as a shameful, 'effeminate' disorder," with the male hysteric assumed to be "unmanly, womanish, or homosexual, as if the feminine component within masculinity were itself a symptom of disease.
Hysteric patients revealed the unconscious to Freud and helped him invent psychoanalysis.
This general unwillingness to see hysteria in the flesh of the present and a continued nostalgia for the hysteria of the past point us toward a specific archive of hysteria that includes the Charcotian hysteric made visible through the photographic apparatus, the Freudian hysteric made audible through the talking cure and the case study, the avant-garde hysteric as a ground for supranormative literary techniques, and the feminist hysteric as a figure of diagnosis and rebellion.
The subtext of the opera is gay," he adds, "and the governess is the cipher for a kind of homosexual hysteric unable to face his fantasies.
As one famous hysteric who went through the optical machine of the Salpetriere, Augustine, like many hysterics, was put under hypnosis and under ether and chloroform.
Confessional, sentimental, romantic, erotic, mystical, they represent the ravings of the female hysteric.