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I don't know where people come up with stories but it's literally hysterical but Jennifer Aniston has also been pregnant like 1,000 times so it's kind of a joke.
Kung magiging hysterical ka, magsisisigaw ka, hindi ka maiintindihan ng tao.
A STAFF nurse told a jury a drunken girl who had been brought to Hudders-field's A&E unit became hysterical, claiming an ambulanceman had sexually assaulted her.
Top irritant has been Perez Hilton, who, despite Sawalha's fine showing, seems determined to be the most melodramatic and hysterical housemate.
And the essays we received confirmed hysteria's indebtedness to its pasts, an unfinished biography, and a repetition of hysterical embodiments and manifestations.
In these circumstances it is completely nonsensical for me to indulge this increasingly hysterical conversation.
I'm a working mom, so I try to set a date by which everything is done, so by 16 December every present has to be wrapped - and that way I can take it easy rather than turn into this hysterical person," she added (ANI)
A source said: "Nicole was hysterical backstage, screaming 'I can't do this anymore'.
THERE always seems to be someone that sounds like The Hysterical Injury (pictured).
Popular medicine, hysterical disease, and social controversy in Shakespeare's England.
It is simply irresponsible to assert that MMR suits all children and that anyone who disagrees is a hysterical parent.
But some of the criticism has been so wide of the mark and almost hysterical.